1. Mary, I have to figure out how to post a pic of the stripy I made in a hurry for my brother to take with him to his dialysis treatments, and sleep under. I had my heart attach on Oct 27. In Dec. he had been moved to a nursing home. Mentally sharp as a tack. His kidney transplant had failed. They needed to do more amputation but knew he would not survive the surgery. He chose to go home, be with his wife and kids and grands and died two days later. I am so glad he was able to make that choice. I look back at my heart attack. I was dead but our incredible police and EMT’s brought me back after my DH worked on me in the car. I am one lucky lady to have a bit more time and let my family know how much I love and appreciate them. I am making sure that I do that. I have lost my two older brothers and there are now two of us left, and our 92 yr old uncle in the Tampa area. I need to come see him again. I did see him in March when he flew out for my brother’s family remembrance and wonderful dinner in our home town. You are doing such a great job of seeing your mother often as well as other family members in need. We have two widowed sister in laws that we adore and many nieces and nephews that we are very close to. I made this queen sized stripped for Ken. I hope I can post it here. Thank you for the pattern. It brought him much love and comfort in the end.

    Sorry, I cannot figure out how to post a picture.

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