Low Iodine diet

Keith’s been gone all week and we usually go out to eat the evening he gets home if he’s not too late … that timing worked out well today. After some scheduling issues, I was told to start my low iodine diet tomorrow (originally they’d told me the 23rd) in preparation for my RAI treatment on Sept 6th.

One last meal with cheese …. it is a very restrictive diet especially when combined with the restrictions for my GI problems but I think the absolute hardest thing will be NO cheese for 3 and a half weeks! No bacon or bread either so I enjoyed my last meal!


Since the timeline for the Diet was moved up a week, after dinner we stopped by the grocery store to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies along with some chicken breasts.

And in addition to the back and forth time on the phone with Moffitt, I had people in and out finishing the half bathroom – it’s all done except for the painting and they’ll do that the end of September due to schedule conflicts – theirs and mine and I’m completely OK with that – I needed it functional before my isolation period, painting can wait. The walls will eventually be a soft gray.


So I didn’t sew at all today … hopefully I’ll get a top loaded on the longarm and start the quilting tomorrow … where did this week go?!


  1. Jo at Jo’s Country Junction did the same thing last year (or the year before? time flies by). It sounds difficult but very doable. I was fascinated to read what precautions she had to take after the treatment. I will be thinking of you over the next few weeks.

  2. I wasn’t aware of the dietary restrictions for this treatment. But knowing it isn’t permanent probably helps – a little bit. Your last “normal” meal looks tasty.

  3. Well you are doing well with the prep and it is going to be a bad month and half, but you have got this! That meal looked fantastic for a goodbye to cheese and bacon meal.

  4. Restrictions always seem to make me crave things even more. I’m glad you enjoyed all your favorite foods in this meal. Having the bathroom functional will be nice. Wishing you all the best as you prepare for and receive your treatment.

  5. Once you are told you can’t eat something, it becomes the most important thing to you. 3 weeks is a nit in your life. Live healthy.

  6. My son said that the diet restrictions before the treatment were worse than the treatment itself. However I’m sure you are a much more creative chef than he was 🙂 You will feel like your normal self soon, take care!

  7. No cheese for THREE AND A HALF WEEKS?!?! I am truly sorry for this test of your patience. On the up side, that’s less time than DS2 had to give up dairy during and after his bone marrow transplant. Here’s hoping there is a substitute of some kind that you can enjoy!!

    • I’ve already given up most dairy due to my GI problems but I learned hard cheeses don’t have much lactose so they don’t give me a problem like milk, ice cream, yogurt, etc do. There isn’t a substitute so I’ll just suffer through …


  8. Good luck on your diet. I had put myself on a limited diet a couple of years ago for just one month. I kept telling myself that one month wasn’t that long and I could do anything after that. I’ve always known you to have a lot of will power (running, quilting goals) so you’ll probably do just fine.

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