I spent all afternoon working in the sewing room and I would have accomplished more if I hadn’t been distracted.

I have a Kite die I haven’t used before and I started pulling some turquoise and greens from the bin but I put them back in the closet … I already have a quilt on the design wall so it will have to wait.


I also had a set of fat quarters sitting out … I looked at a couple possible designs before moving on to some actual work but I think I’ll keep them with these turquoise fabrics until I’m ready to make something with them.


So after playing with fabric for a while, I got down to work and cut and pieced some more blocks for the Flock of Geese quilt and then I quilted the hourglass top. I waited until Friday, but I got my one top quilted for the week and I’m just one behind my goal.

Pantograph is Feather Frond and I like how it looks on this one.




  1. Thank you for naming the pantograph, I wish more people would ID their work. I love to look at my various fabrics sometimes before getting down to business, it’s called petting the fabrics.

  2. Love the pantograph and as always I am impressed by what you do. Glad you felt good enough to play with new quilts and finish the quilting here. Amazing.

  3. Oh you seem to be back in the groove! Do not push it too hard! But have fun!
    Like you I am tempted to cut a new quilt. The new pineapple die was sitting here when I got home 😍. Alas and aleck grocery shopping and laundry after my trip need to be dealt with

  4. Beautiful quilting on the hourglass quilt. Dealing with health issues is exhausting, so please don’t push yourself too hard to meet your goal. Love the turquoise fabrics.

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