Happy Blocks

Don’t these look happy?! All 4 quilts have been trimmed and two have bindings made and sewn on ready for hand stitching.


The Cuddle fabric is so soft and I love how the pantograph looks on the back (pantograph is Steam).


Happy Blocks are always a fun HeartStrings project and we usually get good participation. Jackie reports that she’s received enough Blocks for 25 quilts already and I know there will be more blocks received or brought to the sew-in.

I took a look to see when our first Happy Block Project was … 2009 and these were just a few of the quilts made back then.


Now it’s time to start hand stitching those bindings.


  1. Just a thank you for sharing so much of your quilting life and a bit of your personal life. Every time you show a pic of Finn I want one just like him. (Not happening for years as we want to be unencumbered for a while.) I’ve used your Happy Quilt directions many times and several others. Like your new do…hope all goes well over the next few weeks. I keep reading but I don’t leave a note too often but a. If thank you is always good. B

  2. I had made a Happy Block quilt for my mother a few years back using your instructions… this summer the quilt ended up without a home but I was so happy when my son asked if he could keep it. Yeah!

    • I’d made quilts for both my father-in-law and my mother-in-law when they were sick and they all ended up with their grandchildren. My sons each got one from my FIL and I offered the one from my MIL to my niece.

      I think it’s wonderful that your son has your mother’s quilt. They really do hold special memories.


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