Counting down…

Just 5 more days on this low iodine diet and I’m counting down the days!!! This morning I fixed chicken salad for our next two dinners and then Keith will cook for me Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Since I can’t use regular condiments, I made my own mayonnaise following a recipe that I found online. For the most part, I didn’t go through that much trouble but last week I was bored with just plain chicken so I tried it and while it had a bit of a weird taste by itself, it wasn’t bad in the chicken salad. Of course, Keith gets his own non modified chicken salad so I had to make two batches.

Do you think Finn was hoping I’d drop something?!



  1. I imagine you have to read labels very carefully to monitor iodine levels in foods. Are you sticking with mostly fresh produce and meats?

  2. Good for you! hang in there–almost over;))) it is so tough to have to eat on a modified diet plan.
    Good that you are almost done with it…hugs, Julierose

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