Overly cautious

I sent Keith to the store today with a long list of food I want to eat starting tomorrow when my low iodine diet ends. I can’t wait!

I received a list of guidelines to protect Keith and Finn (and strangers) from being exposed to radiation after swallowing my radioactive iodine pill Thursday. In case you’re curious … these are from the American Thyroid Association.


Based on my dose, I’m at the 3 day end of the spectrum although I will sleep apart from Keith for 5 days and will also keep my distance from Finn for 5 days. I was told it was fine to pet him but to not let him lick me or sit with me for that 5 days. They also asked if he slept in the bed with us and said that I should not sleep with him for 11 days! Luckily for me, we haven’t yet allowed him to sleep with us or I’d have to sleep downstairs for even longer!

The first 48 hours, I stayed enclosed in the downstairs office alone with the doors shut (we do have a daybed in there) except when I went to the bathroom and Keith and Finn stayed out of the library completely. This afternoon after 48 hours have passed, we’re still in separate rooms but have the doors open and as you can see there is a lot more than 6 feet between us but it’s nice to be able to sit and listen to music and talk. Poor Finn doesn’t understand why he’s not allow to come in here or sit with me …but after running back to Keith for a while trying to convince him to open the gate he settled down for a nap.


I haven’t felt great since taking the radioactive iodine but I haven’t felt terrible either. Some GI problems including nausea, soreness in my mouth and my salivary glands and I’ve been tired. I hoping that’s the worst of it although some symptoms can present at a later time.

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement.  I’m looking forward to being back to my normal life soon and have I mentioned that my reward will be spending the month of October in Maine? I’m missing the September Maine sew-in that starts the 17th but I’ll sew along with them from home and will work on tying and binding some of the Happy Block tops that they assemble during the sew-in while I’m there in October.


  1. Poor Finn. You can see the big question mark in his expression. You are being wise to err on the side of caution. That is quite a list…but so good that they spell out so many situations. Enjoy your “back to normal” diet. Hugs and prayers continue for you.

  2. How nice that you can leave the door open and at least see each other from a distance! Finn will be delighted when he can cuddle with you again! Hang in there! You’re almost done!

  3. How nice that you can leave the door open and at least see each other from a distance! Finn will be delighted when he can cuddle with you again! Hang in there! You’re almost done!

  4. I am not at all sorry for Finn. He can’t understand but this case falls under sometimes we just have to do the right thing. I say that only because I would be having fits if I had to do that to my cat, convincing myself that it is the right thing. Okay in reality I am really sorry for Finn. I am glad things are going relatively well. You do get to pet him and he can see you. He will be so excited when things go back to normal. October in Maine will be a great reward. Paul and I are headed up to VT in October for leaf peeping. Will Finn get to go?

  5. So glad the big treatments are now over and that things will return to comfortable togetherness levels soon! Holding every good thought that this treatment will be the last!

  6. Yeah, poor Finn! Cute photo of him and Keith. So glad you are this far along in your treatment Mary with a nice adventure in Maine to look forward to. Hugs.

  7. A month away sounds wonderful, a perfect reward for having to stay in for a while.

    Hope you enjoy the food that you will be able to have tomorrow.

  8. Good to hear that the side effects from the treatment have been minimal and that your isolation period is nearing the end. Aren’t you glad that you can occupy yourself with your hobbies. I think some people would have a difficult time with the isolation. What was the first non-restricted food you put on your list? I know you’ll savor every morsel.

  9. I’m so glad to hear that things are coming along and I hope that the discomfort your experiencing is short-lived. That month in Maine sounds like a wonderful reward!!!

  10. I’m glad you’re doing as well as you are, and I hope all those side effects go away soon. You’re so lucky to have such a supportive partner! You’re also lucky to have a dog. I can’t imagine trying to keep my cats out of the room. The door would just have to stay shut.

    Thank you for sharing your situation. I have nodules on my thyroid that will be biopsied soon. I’m sure I could go online and find out some of this information, but what I’ve seen so far is so clinical, not real-life at all. You give it some perspective. I don’t imagine my situation is serious, but I don’t want to be naive about the possibilities, either. I appreciate your sharing your story.

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