I’m so lucky – my DIL Becky always takes time to send me photos of the girls. Rae is enjoying soccer …


And Mo seems to enjoy being out at the soccer field too.


It’s only been two months but I miss seeing all my little ones and talked Keith into renting a house at Lake Oconee for a long weekend before Thanksgiving so I could spend time with them. Can’t wait!

Do you rent houses for vacations? Keith is really good about finding great places for us whether we’re going to Maine for a month or planning a trip with family. The site he uses most often is VRBO (part of Home Away now). This is the cottage we’re staying in next month in Maine.


Someone asked if Finn is coming with us to Maine … yep, I couldn’t leave him for a month and Chesty loved going with us so I’m sure Finn will too.  He’ll also come with us on the November trip – finding rentals that take pets is a little more difficult and you do have to pay a pet deposit but we’re lucky that Finn is small because more places do allow small dogs than large ones.

And Finn is still trying to convince Keith to take him to see his Mommy!



  1. The isolation will be over soon. I had the radioactive treatment year ago and I remember hating it. I had a friend who had a baby at the time and I couldn’t hold him. I am glad you are able to get to Maine and have a vacation with the gang. We are here tonight and unlike the 90 and humid the last time we were here a week ago, the temps are chilly and I have my fleece on!

  2. Great house and so glad you get a week near the kids! I seem to remember that Finn gets car sick so call the vet and see what they recommend, My daughter worked for a vet and she said to ask.

  3. Oh that will be a wonderfully relaxing trip for you; –and Finn lol! glad you are beginning to feel better and it’s almost over…been a long time.. hugs and prayers Julierose

  4. I’m glad your isolation period is over. That would have been very hard for me, I know.
    Your Moms work is beautiful. The frog quilt is adorable!
    The cottage in Maine looks like fun. A whole month sounds great.

  5. Hooray for the end of isolation! And bless the DIL for sending photos. I should have reminded my SIL to take some pictures at Mason’s first flag football game Saturday, but didn’t think about it until too late.

    We used to rent a cottage when we did family ski trips. It was really relaxing. And my husband and friends rented a house a couple of times when they went to “golf school”.

  6. Your granddaughters’ pics are great. I’m glad you’ll be taking your pup with you. We recently took a trip out of state with our large dog who had never traveled (as an adult) that far, nor had she stayed in a hotel. Found a pet friendly hotel close to where we needed to be and the trip was not bad at all. She slept well in the room and didn’t bark (my big worry)…made things so much easier. The trip was to pick up another puppy. We now have two great dogs!

  7. I can’t decide who has the most expressive eyes Mo or Finn. They both just grab you into the picture. It is great when our kids send pictures of their kids. We have a small house in Nags Head that we rent out. And we allow dogs. We’ve only once had a dog problem. Folks who had come before had a new dog and crated him while they went to dinner and he scratched at the carpet and pulled it up. They were really upset but we were able to move some carpet from a closet. It’s time to do something with the carpets anyway. Not too bad really. Glad we aren’t planning on using it this weekend!

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