More shopping

When I can’t sew, I shop … and this is the result of the break I had to take for my RAI treatment. On one hand I know I have too much fabric but on the other hand I do hope that I’ll be sewing for years to come and consider it an investment!


And I do eventually get around to using my purchases. These were significantly discounted 2.5 inch strips from Connecting Threads and I’m getting ready to pack them up to take to Maine to bind the Happy Block quilts that I’m going to work on while I’m there. I used them on both the quilts I made and a pieced binding looks great on them.



5 thoughts on “More shopping

  1. Great quilt and fabrics. I too, invested in buying more fabrics for upcoming projects. There is certainly not an urgent or necessary need for the fabrics, but I just couldn’t resist half yard bundles from Fabric Twins. I tried so hard to resist buying fabrics, and held out for 5 whole months. That is pretty good for me. Now, on to creating quilts. D. Weeks


  2. Maine made 56 happy block quilts…maybe you should buy more jelly rolls! Anything you buy while dealing with cancer does not count as stash. View it as medicine with no guilt… Of course now you will have to sew like the wind so get busy!


  3. For sure those pieced bindings are perfect for happy blocks. It made me lol to see what you were up to in the sewing arena during your RAI treatment. Love it Mary! Here’s to many, many more years of quilting for you.


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