What would you need?

Obviously I don’t pack light but then what would you need to entertain yourself for a month? The two bins contain yarn, thread, crochet cotton for tying quilts in many colors, knitting needles, and sewing supplies. Luckily, I read on the Kindle or there would be NO way it all would fit in the car. As it is, we need a shoe horn since this is just my stuff!


It’s not a good thing that I’m starting off tired before we even leave but I’m hoping the trip goes well. Finn hasn’t been carsick in a while but I will still give him the Bonine just in case. Wish us luck!


  1. Hope you have a good trip and a great stay in Maine. If everything won’t fit in the care it simply means you need a bigger car or a mini van. LOL Can’t expect a girl to go anywhere without her stuff!

  2. When I used to tent camp, we bought a thing that sat on the roof of our car to hold extra stuff. It was great. Also you could ship stuff that’s not breakable if you get a big box because it’s way cheaper that way. One time I shipped fabric to an Indian Reservation in South Dakota and found out how much cheaper it is.

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  3. I am guessing it will take 3 days to make this drive. Be safe. I always take my Bernina, a cutting mat, a quilt or to to work on, an iron, cutting mat, rotary cutter, thread, pins, needles, scissors- all that necessary stuff. A few good knives for cooking, (I have a library card at Tahoe which is great. DH takes an easel, the laptop, paints, a guitar, golf clubs, sometimes a tv, and of course clothes. We have a GMC Acadia that is 10 yrs old which is great. We take a lot but use it all!

    Drive safe. Hope Finn does okay on the trip!

  4. I had to pack all I needed for a year into about 150 pounds – taken on a plane to South Korea! I bought a sewing machine here and have had fun buying fabric here as well. It is a huge challenge (and we’re not thinking too hard about what happens when we move back to the US eventually).

  5. What do we need? Separate cars. I used to have a minivan so when we went on holiday there was no problem. Then I got a smaller car. We probably could get everything in, but my husband has a Jeep so we take both. For the fun days out we use the Jeep with the roof down. Other days we use my car.

    Hopefully Finn is ok. My sister’s daughter used to be terrible when travelling. One time she had gone through both changes of clothes by the time they got to my mother’s so they had to borrow one of her t-shirts.

    • Finn did great!!

      For a shorter trip I wouldn’t mind two cars for not for 25 and a half hours of driving!!! And we got rid of the 2nd car a couple years ago. When we were in Minneapolis we just had the one car (8 years) and when we first moved back to Florida we got a second car because I was going back and forth to our GA condo but we weren’t using it much so we got rid of one a couple years ago.


  6. Every time I pack sewing things it is twice as much as clothing! Have a safe journey – the weather looks perfect for the beginning of the week. We are back to our normal back and forth to Peaks Island – Sunday after church to Wednesday morning. It always feels like a real privilege to be there.

  7. Have a great time. I’m leaving Sunday for a 5 day quilting retreat at Zephyr Cove, NV at Lake Tahoe.

  8. Sometimes it can be easier to ship some items and they will be waiting for your arrival. I have done this a couple of times during my travels. Wishing you safe travels to Maine.

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