Day 1

Finn did great … not a single episode of vomiting. I did give him Bonine as recommended by the Vet but I also think he’s outgrowing his motion sickness.

He either slept or sat up in his car seat and luckily everything fit as you can see from the stuff all piled up around him.


He’s never been in a hotel before so we’ll see how he does — so far other than sniffing everything and finding some goldfish under the sofa, he keeps looking in the mirror to check out the other dog in the room  luckily he’s not barking at his reflection!


13 and a half hours in the car and we made it to just north of Richmond before stopping for the night. Just 630 miles left to drive — about 9 hours, 45 minutes without stops. We’ll do another long day tomorrow and leave ourselves a short drive on Monday.


  1. Sounds like it was a long day but worth getting so far. Finn, as usual, looks so darn cute, especially in his car seat. It looks like you got all the “stuff” in the car. Have a great time in Maine.

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