Worth the drive!

It’s a rainy cool day in Maine but definitely worth the long drive to get here. Finn has already found his spot in the cottage …


After we unpacked the car, Keith went to the grocery store, Finn napped, and I pulled out my knitting.


There’s a lamp right by “my” chair which makes it perfect for reading or knitting. And when Keith got back from the store, we went for a walk. The cottage is just a few houses down from Willard Beach.


Our walk took us to Spring Point light.


For a while after I was diagnosed with my thyroid cancer I thought we might have to cancel the trip, I’m so glad I was able to get through my surgeries and the radioactive iodine treatment and feel well enough to come. Maine is my happy place!


  1. Oh Finn looks so comfortable there; so glad you got to go to Maine–one of my all time favorite places…my Uncle was a lobsterman off Cliff Island there and we visited in the summers..nice memories
    i hope you have a wonderful relaxing time…hugs, julierose

  2. What a lovely cottage and a beautiful place to walk. May your time in Maine restore your health and recharge your energy. Have fun!

  3. Yes, Finn looks very content on the foot stool. I’m so glad you are recovering from your surgery and felt well enough to travel. What a beautiful place! I love the yarn you are knitting.

  4. What a wonderful place to relax and re-charge! Someday i hope to see Maine in person!! Praying for strength and courage and healing for you, Mary. Blessings………..vonnie

  5. Even with grey skies that looks like a wonderful place for a walk on the beach. And a comfy cottage. You’ll have an awesome month there.

  6. So happy that you have settled into your happy place and Finn has made himself comfortable. Keith just rocks along with a smile on his face! Enjoy the vacation.

  7. We visited Maine on our X Country trip in Sept. from Oregon. Long trip. Maine was absolutely gorgeous. Finn is still just sooo cute.


  8. So glad you were able to make the trip. I misled you about the weather upon your arrival – somewhere the rain came in and I didn’t expect it all! Enjoy your time here – its a well deserved vacation.

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