Quirky but SO cute

The cottage we’re renting is quirky but so, so cute that I don’t mind the quirks! The house has settled so there’s a noticeable slant to the floor in the living room and the bathroom is a bit of a challenge …. I really don’t like claw foot tubs with shower curtains on a ring above it – I find it a challenge to make sure the water doesn’t splash outside of it but the place we rented a few years ago had the same shower set-up and we made do. There’s also a spiral staircase that leads up to the main bedroom but luckily, we had one of those at Big Canoe so I’m used to walking up and down it carrying a dog!! Keith and I were talking about our impressions today and both agreed that the cottage description was accurate and there were no surprises which was good.


I’m meeting Bev tomorrow to pick up the quilts I’m going to tie while I’m here so today in addition to some walking (before the rain got heavy!), and knitting, I found a nearby drugstore that had photo services and put together an album for a family member to remind him of the love and support from all of us.  I was able to upload the digital photos I wanted to use and then run over and pick them up when they were ready.  Photos are my “go to” way to show love and support. You just can’t beat shared memories.



  1. The cottage looks fantastic, just what I’d want if I rented a cottage in Maine. How do you find the cottages?

  2. Photos are a wonderful gift. I know I really enjoy receiving them. For several years my girls put together photo calendars for us at Christmas and it was my favorite gift. I was really disappointed when they didn’t do that last year.

    Your cottage does look quite charming, and the bonus is – it’s in Maine!

    • I love it when they boys send me photos of the kids … Chris and Becky do a much better job of it than Adam!


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