Back to work

I met Bev today to pick up Happy Block tops that I’ll tie while I’m here this month. After passing off a bag of finished quilts to her that I brought from home to donate, we loaded the bundles in my car and then went off to lunch. Can you believe I waited two whole days before finding a lobster roll??


After walking with Finn on the beach, I set up my table and started tying. I quickly discovered things aren’t going to work like I’d planned – usually I tie a quilt and then bind it but I need to trim these outside because the Cuddle fabric is very messy when you cut it so after trying to trim one on a patio table, I decided that I’ll just keep tying tops the next few days and then have Keith move my table downstairs before his next trip. I’ve got two tied and a 3rd one all set up and I think that binding them is going to take longer than tying.


After working a while, Finn and I headed back to walk on the beach!




  1. See a Harraseeket lobster roll! I bet it was worth waiting for. I wish I was still up there enjoying this extended summer.
    Glad you made it. Have a wonderful month.

  2. What a wonderful vacation. I have never been to Maine unfortunately but it looks beautiful. And the lobster, I can’t even imagine having all that lobster to eat. Looks like you will be pretty busy quilting. Have fun!

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