More of the same

You might find my blogging a bit boring … my days will be somewhat repetitive but I’m content … walking on the beach or by the water with Finn.


Walking to the bakery for breakfast or lunch …


And tying Happy Block quilts for HeartStrings. I’ve got 6 tied so far but as I said yesterday, binding them is going to take more time than tying. Aren’t these pigs cute? My stash must not be as extensive as I thought because I’m seeing lots of cute fabric that I don’t have.



7 thoughts on “More of the same

  1. Your blogging is NEVER boring! It’s so nice to have the beach right there. And I would be jealous of Keith too — your grandchildren are so cute and fun!


  2. Mary, Mary, your blog is hardly boring….ever! It’s so good to see you have a place and time to stroll the beach and do some fun light sewing. And yup, love those little pink piggys too!!


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