Back to work

I took Keith to the airport this morning and came back and got to work. I set up my table outside so I could trim these quilts – the Cuddle fabric has a lot of fuzz when cut!


I trimmed 8 quilts and then Finn and I took a walk …


I set up my machine on the dining room table and started making and attaching bindings. I’ve got two ready for hand stitching and it’s time to sit and stitch them down while I’ll relax! The table is round so I can’t use my knee lift but I’m having to adapt in all kind of ways since I’m not working in my usual space.


Mom and Kevin arrive Friday for a visit so I need to get as much done before then as I can and clean up my mess.


  1. So smart to trim outside with the fuzzy backings. It’s so messy, but worth it in the end I guess.

  2. When I work with cuddle I do all of the binding by machine. I think it is hard to figure out where to stitch to hold it by hand. When I trim, I do it in the sewing room but then carefully pick everything up and take it out to the deck to shake it. Then I have to take a brush to the cutting mat. I guess it’s worth the effort because everyone sure loves it on their quilts. It was very nice of them to donate it to Heartstrings.

  3. I didn’t realize you were going to add a binding or we would have cut it for you. I usually just wrap the back to the front and machine stitch.

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