LL Bean

We always do at least one trip to LL Bean when we’re in Maine…. sometimes two if we’re staying an entire month. This was trip one! Mom found a coat, some socks and both Mom and Keith found a fleece jacket.


8 thoughts on “LL Bean

  1. Hahaha! I was there yesterday too. We’re in Harpswell, Maine for vacation and had to go to LL Bean. I’m from California so this was quite an enjoyable experience. Today we’re looking for moose. Any tips?


  2. Mary, you look just like your mom! That color looks great on her. It’s 34 degrees here in St. Louis this am. Wonder how cold it is there, she needs that coat.


  3. Went to LL Bean last week. We used to have LL Bean stores down south but they were nothing like the store we were in in New Hampshire. Lots of good quality merchandise, but all at a warmth level that would only allow for minimal use. I considered a fleece jacket, but didn’t end up going back for it.


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