My company is gone

Kevin and Mom left yesterday morning and I spent the day resting, catching up on email, and playing in my photos.  We took a walk yesterday evening and almost got caught in the storm that was blowing in.


Keith’s gone through a difficult few weeks and I’m glad to have him back here with me.  He travels frequently and I hate when he has to be gone a full week but it couldn’t be avoided this time.


Luckily, he did get back in time to see Kevin and Mom. I’m going to spend a couple easy days reading, knitting, and walking and then I’ll get set up to tie and bind the last 3 Happy Block tops when Keith leaves for his next trip on Monday.





  1. I’m with you, my husband travels quite frequently too. He left yesterday for a 2.5 week trip out west…flew to Minneapolis and will drive from there to SD, WY, NV, CO and a whole bunch more states before he comes home the first weekend in November. He was supposed to be gone another week but had to come back early for the corporate annual meeting. I’m glad, I hate when he’s gone a long time!

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