Football Sunday

Do you think he’s happy to be taking a walk with me this evening or happy that his Redskins won earlier this afternoon?!! Maybe both!


We’re going to miss these walks when we head home next weekend. Today we went 3.43 miles along the beach and then from Spring Light to Bug Light along the greenway.  Keith always gets the two lights mixed up but you can see Spring Light in the photo above … just barely on the right edge and the photo below is of Bug Light. We also had a great view of the Portland Head Light as we walk back along the beach returning to the cottage.


Keith went to bed early taking Finn with him and I watched the Vikings lose while I made good progress knitting on my scarf.


There’s a TV upstairs in the small loft but we haven’t watched it at all. We have however taken advantage of being able to see a couple games on our phones.  I know … who would want to watch something on a screen that small but really, I was mostly listening to the game and knitting so it wasn’t like I was staring at the small screen for 3 hours!


  1. I saw those lights a couple of years ago, in the fog, from a boat. We hope to head back someday soon, but when we are in that area we end up with his family so whatever time we are up there for our exploring has to be doubled so we can visit family.

  2. Football Sunday was a bit of a downer – at least for Vikings fans. I ended up watching 3 games yesterday with my husband because my Achilles tendon is all swollen again and I was sitting around with that ankle propped up. Way too much football for me!! 🙂

    I love your shoreline photos. It’s such a beautiful location.

  3. I have a Chromecast stick that I put in my TV and I can project things from my phone to the TV. Really slick. I think there are several brands. You might want to look into that.

  4. Beautiful beach and lighthouses! That would be hard to leave. The only way I can sit and watch a football game is with a knitting or crochet project in hand. But not on my phone. Enjoy your last few days!!

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