More yarn?!

After sitting at lunch with Bev and talking about how I have more yarn and fabric than I know what to do with, I stopped by a local yarn shop on the way back to the cottage. It may not look like it but there’s a matching hat and scarf, some fringe for another scarf, and a baby blanket in this bag … assuming it all gets made!


When I got back, Finn needed a LONG walk. Doesn’t it look like he’s thinking about going in? He probably would if I let him and there were a lot of dogs running in and out of the water but I wasn’t up for bathing him when we got home so we stuck to walking on the sand.



  1. Love your yarn colors — I have no doubt you will use it. After all, you have two long days sitting in a car — that’s a lot of hours to knit! Enjoy your last few days.

  2. What’s the yarn shop? We go up to Ogunquit every year right around Columbus Day and I’m always looking for yarn shops. I like the Yarn Seller (SP?) and Tess Yarns in Portland. Any other good ones?

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