Packing up

Today is our last day in Maine and I’m doing nothing special … it’s raining again (like yesterday) and it’s keeping me inside which is not a bad thing because there was lots of packing to do.  I think we’re lucky – we’ve got our overnight bags and the quilts that still have to go in tomorrow but I feel better after seeing the rest of it fit!

Poor Finn was anxious seeing us pack the car – I think he was afraid he’d be left behind but he’s happy now, curled up beside me napping.





  1. My dad Frank had a farm. My Aunt Barbara had a dog and when he misbehaved, she would say she was taking him to Franks farm. So one day we set off for Dads farm with dog. Had to pull him into truck. He vomited all the way there and once there would not get out of the car. However when we were ready to leave, he was extremely happy and never vomited once going home. The

  2. Safe travels…and don’t forget Our dog Sophie always knows when we are going out for a few hours. She curls up in her bed and won’t even look at us when we tell her we will be back soon. Funny puppies!!

  3. Our dog Stubby had been rescued by my daughter when someone dumped him. So he came to live with us, and when we were out of town the 1st time, my husband’s mom was taking care of him. She tried to take him to her house, but he wouldn’t get out of the car. So she brought him back home, he got right out, came in the house and was fine. When we came home, we visited Grandma at her apartment, and then it was ok. If he got upset, or got left out and he thought he was forgotten, he’d walk the 6 blocks to Grandma’s. Poor dog was confused when she moved to a house! But once he knew the lay of the land, he’d go there too.

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