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I’ve shared my New Starts and UFO sheets from my database and the 3rd main sheet is for all the tops I quilt or tie whether they’re for me, for my Mom or Aunt, or a donated HeartStrings top. This year another of my goals was to quilt one top each week I didn’t travel and I added in my post op week after both surgeries and my RAI treatment week and isolation too. I didn’t worry about getting a little behind or ahead … and thanks to the quilts tied in Maine, I’ve already met that goal for the year. I’ll probably get at least a couple more quilted before the end of the year but at this point it’s all gravy!


At the end of the year, I duplicate the spreadsheet file, archive the old one and add the sheets for the new year. I copy and paste the unfinished UFOs and the unfinished new starts into a UFO list for  the coming year. I also add sheets for donations and my knitting but these three I’ve shared are the main sheets that I use year after year.

I know not everyone is interested in keeping such detailed records but in addition to documenting the quilts I’m making and finishing, my records help keep me on track for accomplishing the goals I set for my quilting. I don’t always hit all the goals, but without tracking what I’m starting and finishing and what’s waiting to be finished, I wouldn’t accomplish as much as I do.


  1. Mary, I am so impressed by the detailed lists you keep for all your various projects. I can see where it would be a benefit for me to try something like this. In 2018, I made a lot of shop samples for one of our local shops. It occurred to me recently that I have only finished 2 quilts this year. I am frantically trying to finish the third one and all 3 will be Christmas presents. I think I need to make a New Years resolution about my quilting. (I do also work full time an am about 5 years from retirement-I can’t wait!)

  2. Thank you. I appreciate seeing this. I don’t do long arm quilting, but I do need a better way to track the projects I’m working on and what I get accomplished. I make a lot of charity projects, both quilts, and other sewn items. After many, many years of sewing and quilting I don’t always recall what I’ve made, which creates problems when people ask me to create something similar.

  3. Hi, I really like your lists. Would you be willing to share a copy of a blank spreadsheet? Or sell it, since you’ve done all the work. 🙂 I have some jotted down notes of quilts I’ve completed, in about 12 different places, and it would be nice to have a place to pull it together.

  4. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed your spreadsheet posts. Would you be willing to share or sell a blank copy for other people to use? This would be a great tool to keep track of my growing piles. 😉

  5. You put me to shame! Only 7 weeks left of the year?! I hardly got any quilts made at all this year… what on earth did I do with my time? I think my finishes can be counted on one hand. Boo-hoo!

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