On the road – again

It was hard getting back in the car for the 7 hour drive to GA but SOOOO worth it!! We’re renting a house on Lake Oconee for a few days.

I’ve missed all my little ones … 

And my big ones too!

It’s fun to see the kids interacting together … Rae likes being in charge!

and Caleb wanted to hold Mo … so sweet!


  1. We make road trips to our grands too. We travel to them much more often than they come to us, but the kids are in acting and dance so they are constantly busy and in performances. Yours are so adorable and this present from Keith is so sweet. Hope you have wonderful times and make lots of memories. The pictures are amazing and I love when you show us your adorable grandkids.

  2. Rack-O !!!! One of my family’s favorites. We have the game that we bought in the sixties. A few cards are dogeared, but we play it anyway. Just taught it to my 9yo great-grand nephew.

  3. Hi Mary! I love pictures of your peeps. And Mo looking at you son is TOOOOO cute. Not to mention Caleb holding her. Oh so much fun. And oh so very hard to leave behind. Happy Sunday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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