Lunch at the Ritz

Chris and Becky were heading home today but first we had lunch at the Ritz-Carton Reynolds at Lake Oconee where Adam works – we love this property but haven’t stayed in a few years so we decided to drive over for lunch. After eating, we enjoyed running around the property for a while.


  1. What a great way to send off the boys. I am sure it made Adam feel special that you took everyone just to check out his “place” and the rest of the family got to grow a little closer through his sharing about one of his loves.

  2. What a special time! Are you going to be around between the 1st and 3rd? We fly into Tampa to see my 93 yr. old uncle. Fly the 3rd to New Orleans. Would love to meet you and Keith! Even for just a beer or glass of wine!

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