Cast on (last Friday)

I finished my Yowza scarf on Thursday night so I wanted to cast on something easy that I could work on in the car on our trip to GA. I found this booklet at a yarn shop in Maine and it has a number of small baby blankets. 

I’d bought yarn for one of them too although I hadn’t decided which one I’d do first (there are 16 easy patterns all using just 4 balls of Encore Worsted each)… it looks like I planned to do this one because I’m using the same color yarn. It’s a 6 row pattern and 4 of the rows are plain knit!

The pattern is called Textured Bricks

Yarn is Encore Worsted

Needle size is US 8


  1. Hi Mary! Beautiful, beautiful patterns and colors. That blue you chose is gorgeous!! What a nice project to pass the time during a drive – nice and productive yet you can chat too. Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and safe travels! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Beautiful color and love the pattern. The pattern would make a pretty scarf too. I am a 2 yr beginner knitter…lol. It does not come easy for me but I am stubborn. I mostly crochet but like the looks of knitting. Can you tell me how the pattern goes? I think if I just cast on a few stitches for a scarf and go from there it would be easy?? I am having a hard time finding an easy and pretty scarf pattern. I like skinny scarves. Any ideas? Thank you for all the information and inspiration you provide here! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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