Overall we were lucky with the drive home, just one accident on I-75 that cost us about 30 minutes. Not bad for the day before Thanksgiving. 

I’m so thankful for the time we had with the boys and our little ones and now I’m thankful to be home and we’re looking forward to a quiet holiday weekend. 


  1. Good to hear you got home safely. What a blessing to see your boys and all the Littles at the same time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks Nancy, after so much travel, we’re looking forward to a quiet holiday. Hope yours is wonderful too.


  2. Mary, looks wonderful with everyone there. This is the first year to have both our boys under our roof together since Scott moved to Honolulu. About 11 or 12 years since he came back for a Christmas. He was here last Oct., Nov. and Jan. after my heart attack. Today was exactly one year being out of a hospital. We love our boys. We love our grands. Love our beautiful DIL. She and our granddaughter drove down Sat. for my DH 80th B-day party. Our son and grandson were in MX pitting for his friend from kindergarten who is an off road race car driver. He was in the BAJA 1000. He broke down and finally called it quits.
    Our Kaitlin was just a baby the last time she saw Scott. Tomorrow will be fun when we are all together. She is now 13.

    I need to get to bed. It is late.


    • That’s great that you’ll have both there for the holiday. I love my time with each of my boys but it’s always nice when we’re ALL together too!



  3. Such a nice happy family! You are looking very good Mary, even though you say you’re not as energetic.

  4. What a pretty picture on the pier – not to mention the lake looks nice as a backdrop, too. I’m glad you made it safely home! Happy Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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