I finished the binding and labeled the Patriotic Rail Fence quilt this afternoon and realized that the light by my chair is just not optimal for hand-stitching or perhaps my eyes are just getting worse! I ordered a floor task light from Amazon and am anxious for it to arrive after stitching on this dark blue binding. 

I’m loving how easy these labels from the Dutch Label Shop are to use. My new order arrived (I added 2019 to the design shown above) and I’ll use them come January. 


  1. So glad you had another entry re: the labels you’re using! I’d meant to order some and hadn’t gotten to it; I just placed my order and your earlier discount code still worked! Thanks for sharing this resource; I’m looking forward to finally putting labels on my quilts!

  2. Love the labels, but I am having no luck with changing font or adding symbol….
    Guess I’ll have to call or email them.

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