I’m still just puttering but I’m working my way through my lists slowly. I’ll pack for my trip tomorrow but I’ve been gathering all the stuff I need to take to Mom’s. It will take an extra suitcase because I haven’t been there in a few months. I felt well enough to crawl around and trim her quilt so it’s ready for me to take back to her. I have a little more floor space here than she does so I try to trim her quilts before sending them back … and I’m just nice like that anyway!

I’m taking a break now and working on another knitted hat. I love the colors of the Caron Cupcakes but because it’s acrylic it seems to work up at a larger gauge even though it’s the same weight. I’m a little afraid the hats for Rae might be too big so I’ll make a couple extra ones. 


  1. You made me giggle out loud Mary. Yes, you are nice like that, especially to your sweet mom. She makes a lot of cute quilts and this stocking version is no exception. It’s really, really cute. You can tell her we said so!!!

  2. I am very late at keeping up with your blog, so this comment is very late, sorry. Anyway, is the stocking quilt a commercial pattern? It is just adorable and I think I would love to make one if I could get the pattern. I am glad that you get to spend so much time with your mom. If my mom was still alive, I like to believe that we would have been like you and your mom, we both loved to sew and quilt together. Enjoy the time you have together, it will be greatly missed some day.

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