Another KitKat hat

I think this one might be more Mo’s size than Rae’s … hard to say without trying it on them. It’s a free pattern from Ravelry but I cast on fewer stitches and knit it to a shorter length. 

Are you a perfectionist? In knitting I don’t think I could be even if I wanted to. I know enough to get by but I dropped a stitch when I was binding off and while I managed to pick it back up, you can see, if you look closely, where I didn’t do it quite right but it’s good enough for a child’s hat that will be worn for a season ….


  1. So cute! Thank you for providing the link to this. My 10 year old would love a hat like this. Hope I can get it done for Christmas for her (my knitting is far from perfect and I’m rather slow at it, but it’s fun to try!)

  2. It’s looks good to me. I have a joke about my knitting dish cloths: some are made by Hedy and some by Igor. The square ones are made by Hedy and the lopsided 5 corner weird ones are made by Igor. Igor is Hedy who gets so engrossed in a tv show she forgets where she is while knitting. One pattern I like is knitted corner to corner and that’s the one that gets really weird.

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