Believe it or not, I did actually straighten up some this week but you can’t tell! I am tired of the clutter and I need to get it sorted before Mom comes to visit in January – it will drive her nuts to have to work surrounded by my mess. Maybe I can just clean up this side of the room and let her work here!!

But no, i think I need to get my desk cleaned up too!

I got everything packed in two suitcases … I almost forgot Mom’s labels and her kits but I remembered in time and I think I have everything I’m supposed to bring with me. I even managed to make dinner – I think of it as an adult Mac and Cheese and Keith had 3 helpings so it must have been good. 

I didn’t sleep at all last night so I slept very late this morning … I have to get up at 4am for my flight and I don’t know how much luck I’m going to have sleeping so I’ll knit on my blanket a while and then at least try to rest a little. 


  1. Well Mary, join the club. I have a very small office which is where all my Christmas gifts are stored and my stack of filing is growing. My sewing room is our smallest bedroom and it’s filled with fabrics and quilts. I know what is on my cutting table but working on 3 quilts at one time is interesting. I’ve decided that I absolutely cannot buy anymore fabric! I have no place to store it. You will get it all cleaned up by the time your mom arrives, just take good care of yourself.

  2. My clutter when I am working gets away from me too. I do straighten up for the cleaning lady every 2 weeks and that helps. Just started due cutting my scraps and am living that result. It’s hard to get everything done when you are on the move. Hope you got some rest.

  3. You will get it straightened up I’m sure, before Mom arrives. You always do….I love your green desk! Also, can you please share your Adult Mac n’ Cheese recipe! It sure looks good!

  4. Mary, we all know that you are WAY TOO HARD on yourself! You haven’t been feeling good, yet you have enjoyed relaxing with your knitting and making beautiful hats.
    January is a month away — hopefully by then you will be feeling much better. And, if not, guess what? Your Mom will certainly understand!

    I have an empty bin. When I am in a jam like that and need to clean up fast, I put it all in that bin and when that need is over, I put everything away — stress-free!

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your visit!!

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