I made it to VA

My travel day did not go as planned, my flight was diverted from Charlottesville to Washington Dulles and I had to drive through a snowstorm to get to my sister’s house (2 hours from the airport) but I arrived safely … and just 4 hours late! I’ve only flown through Dulles a couple times but the airport was pretty easy to get around. 


  1. I thought of you all day yesterday — I thought your flight would be cancelled. That was a terrible day to travel. I’m glad you made it safely!

  2. Looks like a very empty airport. Was that due to so many flights cancelled? Glad you made it in spite of that crazy weather. My family in Charlottesville have been posting photos of all that snow.

  3. Weather related travel plan changes can be extremely inconvenient but it sounds like you did just fine. Atta girl! It’ll be nice for you to have time with family. Happy holidays, Mary.🎄

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