I had an eye exam the other day – my first in years and decided to see if it would work for me.

Because I had lasik, I don’t need correction for my distance vision so I’m just wearing one contact in my non-dominant eye. 

So far, not so great. I’d love to be able to do without my reading glasses but my vision isn’t quiet sharp enough and my distance vision is less clear too which is expected. I’ve read it can take up to a couple months to adjust so I’m going to give it a fair trial and I have an appointment when I get home and maybe the correction will need some tweaking – we’ll see. 

Have you tried it? Did it work for you?


  1. Mary, I used monovision contacts for years and, after a reasonable adjusting time, I had no problems! I had one contact for nearsidedness and the other for far. The doctor decided to do the same for my cataract surgery so now I have monovision permanently.

    BTW, I enjoy your blog and truly appreciate all the free patterns, etc. I have sent several bundles of strings to your group and love making them (although I have yet to complete a 365 challenge–maybe next year).

  2. I had LASIK surgery 17 years ago and chose monovision. It’s amazing how the brain adapts. My distance vision is good, but about eight years ago, I chose to have a script for bifocals (for reading & close work) that I wear full time. The main (top section) lens has no script.

  3. I wear contacts in both eyes, toric for distance in my left and the right is for close up. Took a little getting used to, but I love not having to wear readers anymore!

  4. I had LASIK around the same time that you did. I immediately found a need for readers after the procedure but have not attempted the monovision as a solution for that and while I’d love to be able to do that. I am noticing the need for more light and bifocals help me see better for reading, cutting fabric on the rotary mat and while sewing. It’s the midrange that’s off and also needs correction. It’s nice to be able to see well without wearing glasses for distance and I can read most things well enough without glasses. It’s the handwork and extended periods of time reading and sewing that strains my eyes if I don’t wear the reading glasses.

  5. I have done monovision for a number of years, first with contacts and then when I had cataract surgery last year. I do love the ability to see at a distance without glasses. With that said, I think I need a little bit of help when I do close work. I’ve been using drugstore glasses while doing handwork and that is helpful. Because I do not like to wear glasses full time, monovision has been a good move for me. Is my vision as perfect as I’d like? No, but I attribute that more to the fact that my eyes are aging (along with the rest of me!) rather than the monovision. Good luck!

  6. I have not had monovision but did get new glasses a couple of months ago…progessives, like bifocals without the line. Not the first time wearing them but my eyes are still adjusting to a new prescription. Maybe yours will get better with time.

  7. I do monovision with contacts and I love it! I never could get used to bifocals, they made me nauseous. I do use readers for close work but enjoy not having to wear glasses for most activities, especially playing with the grandchildren!

  8. The last time I had my prescription updated I switched to monovision contact lenses. Had been wearing readers for close work on top of contacts for distance. Come to find out there was a whole range of things to see in between close up and far away and my house needed a good cleaning. Starting to need readers again for close work, so it’s time to get my prescription updated. I adjusted to the monovision very quickly, but do know others who took more time and tweaking to make the adjustment.

  9. I’ve been using monovision for about 20 years. No lasik just old age. The key is to get it tweaked just right. I opt to loose a little on the distance to be able to see super well close up. I even have my glasses made that way although the doc thinks I’m nuts. It just works for me. My husband tried it and couldn’t adjust. Good luck.

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