A short visit

This visit seemed to fly by and I can’t believe I’m heading home in the morning. I’m ready to see Keith and Finn but we could have used more time. 

Today we worked on prepping a kit quilt for Mom, or at least we worked on the first section. It’s pretty complicated …. appliqué …. and I had spent time reading though the pattern yesterday so it was time to get it started. The appliqué will be pieced in three large blocks and then Mom will add sashing and borders. 

Maureen helped trace the pattern onto template plastic and then fusible web. The appliqué was not reversed for using with fusible web so that was an extra step for us. She did NOT want her photo taken. 

Mom gave me a smile… I have a whole series of photos of her at the ironing board!

Maureen didn’t mind having her photo taken with Curt that evening after she’d fixed her hair!


  1. Very nice to take family photos. I’m the last in my family, except for children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews. Keep visiting your mother and taking those photos.

  2. Hi Mary! Maureen looks beautiful in both photos! That was a quick visit but I’m glad you were able to go and enjoy. Happy Happy day to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I’m sure your mom has that big smile because all 3 of you are working together on a project. Making some great memories.

  4. It is so nice that you, your sister and your mother like to make quilts. Beautiful quilts!! No one in my family even sews or has an interest in learning. I think something is wrong with them…lol. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit even though it was a short one. Safe travels home!

  5. Your blog is such a treasure trove of family memories. You really should do one of those book services. Maybe not – you do better documenting for each of the grands.

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