Are you ready?!

I got home last night and realized how close Christmas actually is and I’m NOT ready! Do you do much holiday decorating? For me it usually depends on how busy the month of December has been and how much we’re traveling. Keith was gone the first week of December, I was gone the second week so normally I would do the minimum but looking at my list, it still seems like a lot. Luckily, Keith helps!

He put the lights on the railing right after Thanksgiving because I like to sit on the porch when it’s all lit up. Keith also got a couple poinsettias the day before I left for my trip and while I was gone, he hung the wreath, bought and set up a lighted reindeer on our little patch of grass …

….a close up of the reindeer.

Sometimes we have a real tree but not usually when we’re doing a lot of traveling in December so he set up the artificial tree while I was gone too. We will wait to decorate it until the weekend before Christmas when Chris, Becky, Rae, and Mo arrive. Tree decorating night is one of my favorite traditions even if it’s happening so close to Christmas. 

I need to dig through my Christmas bins to find my tree skirt, my ornaments, and my Jim Shore snowman and Santas. I also need to get a few Xmas cards in the mail – that really should have been done before I left for my trip and I need to shop for a few stocking stuffers. Unpacking is also on today’s agenda and if I’m lucky I might even get to sew a stitch or two!

EDIT: ….and the stockings!! I forgot all about getting the stockings hung!

How do you decorate for the holidays? Are you ready for Christmas?!!


  1. We are also doing Christmas a week from now, and I’m nearly ready. I haven’t sent out a single card yet this year. I may have to write a Happy New Year letter this year which is OK too. My shopping is done but nothing has been wrapped yet. My main task yet is to finish Sophia’s big floor pillow and make 4 more Christmas pillowcases for the kids. The other 4 personalized floor pillows and 1 pillowcase are done. And of course there is still some menu planning and grocery shopping before the kids, grandkids, and dogs all show up next Friday.

  2. When I moved this summer, I downsized everything, including my Christmas decorations. I have a few favorite items out and a wreath on the door – I’m calling it good.

  3. Hanging the stockings – that’s the last thing we do on Christmas Eve before going to bed – a tradition from my childhood that we have continued, even though our son is now 34.

  4. We just moved from Washington State to South Carolina–so all my Christmas treasures are in storage. I found an inexpensive small artificial tree that fits in our small temporary abode, and will hang a lighted garland and wreath outside this weekend (if it ever stops raining!). Next up Christmas cards and a trip to Brookgreen Garden’s Night of a Thousand Candles to get in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. My prelit Christmas tree is in the window for all the walkers to see and the creche is in the living room for me to see. There is a stained glass fabric poinsettia hanging in the window and trim on the doors and that is it. Gave all the ornaments, china and other decorations to the grandchildren (grown) when I downsized almost 5 years ago. Everyone is happy.

    Merry Christmas everyone and a blessed New Year

  6. This is the first time I am not prepared. Many things have sidetracked my holiday plans. Whatever I can do will be perfect for this Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. D. Weeks (aka Momma Llama)

  7. We just have a couple more presents to buy. The house is decorated. I have made my list of food to buy and to order. I can’t do cards yet. I refuse to send out cards until my granddaughter makes her appearance. I don’t care if my cards are late this year. I need to include a picture of the new baby.

  8. Still recovering from surgery I chose to not decorate the house as I usually do, but it’s still very pretty. I have baked cookies and cooked candy for 3 days. I still need a gift for my husband but otherwise we are done. I totally dislike wrapping gifts but I will do it next week. The calendar is plum full of doctor visits and delivering treats to friends but I’ve carved out two afternoons for hubby and I to have some fun. This is our home area so no company coming over, we eat Christmas breakfast at oldest sons house or maybe grandsons house this year. I’m buying a ham for our dinner though. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I truly enjoy it.

  9. We have the house decorated and have entertained a bit. We don’t do a lot of shopping so I don’t have to worry about that so much. I made a bunch of little baskets out of material to give as gifts to friends and neighbors. I am having total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday the 18th so that will put a halt to anything else I might have wanted or needed to do. Hopefully I have not forgotten anything. We will be going to our son’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. Have a very Merry Christmas with your family!!

  10. Ha! We spent a day getting some decorations out. We have a little 3 foot tree that we put ornaments on…but most are really small. Our Santa collection is highlighted on our mantel and on the top of our tv cabinet. Both locations are easy to transition to a bunch of snowman come early January. We really don’t do as much for Christmas as we used to. Part lazy and part living in a smaller space.

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