Is this a quilt blog?!!

Are you tired of the non-quilt related posts?!!! I consider my blog a journal and I write about what is happening in my life but it seems like the last few weeks  it’s all about knitting, travel, and family … with very little quilting going on. I’ve made some progress on my pre-Christmas goals so I’m hoping to have some quilting content this week. In the meantime, I spent some time on eBay looking at vintage quilts. I have a list of quilts to make that is soooo long but I’m always willing to add more to the list!

This is a pretty star …

I’d like to make another bow tie quilt – I’ve done two already but they do appeal to me!

I like these hearts but I think I’d like another alternate block better …. something to think about!

What quilts are on your to do list?!


  1. No one does only quilting in their lives. This blog is about your life, Yes Mary quilts, but she is also a mother, wife, daughter, sister and grandmother. She quilts, she knits, she designs quilts, but she also has a family and and a life. The biggest thing I get from your blog is that we share interests and I like to see what you do in life. I have taken inspiration from you many times and not just from your quilts, but also from a life well lived. I don’t knit but I also enjoy looking at the hats and scarves you make. Yes this is a quilting blog, but family and dog pictures make my day. Travelling with you through your recent health issues made me know why your habits changed so drastically and I care about that. You are a quilter, just not exclusively. You are a person who quilts and I like that person and what she chooses to write about.

  2. Wow. Penny expressed my own thoughts so well I enjoy your blog for all the reasons she mentioned. (thanks Penny lol😊)

  3. I enjoy reading your blog, whatever you write about. It’s your life and it’s interesting to me. I hope you continue as you have been. I went to eBay to look for the bow tie quilt but it’s gone, darn. I made a few blocks of a bow tie for a quilt, but I bought a vintage one years ago at the Rose Bowl flea market in California for $40, it’s on display in my living room. I am thinking seriously of making a Storm at Sea quilt. No Accuquilt or paper piecing, just plain old cutting it out very carefully and then sewing them. I saw one made from batiks with blue, purple and green that I liked a great deal. My sewing room over runneth with kits and fabrics.

  4. I’m new to your blog. I have enjoyed reading. I personally think that when a blog is a bit more personal it is more interesting. Keep posting what you want to. We’ll all be here and I promise to comment more.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Dear Mary, Have been following your blog on a daily basis since about 2006 or perhaps earlier. You always have something interesting to say or show even if it is not quilting related. As Penny put it – we are all more than just quilters and your blog allows us to see that Americans are just like us and as a blog for international understanding it is just great – so there you go – an ambassador for your country!
    By the way I enjoyed the quilts today – Loved the star quilt, but think it would be difficult to piece. The bow tie one is lovely and I would think about making one just like it. The hearts not so much. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you and your family – a happy Christmas and a prosperous and fulfilling New Year. Anne

  6. I agree with everything Penny said . Your blog is a delight to read and I look forward to it each day. I love seeing your animals and house and was so happy you got a good deal on your red loveseat. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll make a lot of people happy, but ultimately it’s your journal, so do what makes you happy first.

  7. I love what ever you choose to write about. Love seeing your grandchildren growing up. Thank you for being willing to share your life with us. Makes me think of you as a friend not just someone’s blog I read and enjoy.

  8. Too many on my “to do” list …lol…thankfully, I make small and mini quilts…
    I, personally, enjoy reading all your “life” posts..

  9. Please continue your blog as is. It evolves as your life spins too. If someone only wants to read about quilts there are others to read. Your blog is refreshing in that you also have a life while quilting.Please keep us informed of your lifes journey, we thank you for sharing, Merry Christmas!!

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