1. I am commenting on all three blogs from 12/19 here. Finnis indeed adorable, handsome and obviously well loved.

    The easy flock of geese inspired me and I offered it as a choice for my daughter. I saw it as an ombre with light gray in the upper right corner and navy blue in the lower left with the light blues and grays overlapping in the center. I made about 3/4 of the blocks before she said she wanted something else and it is currently sitting in a pile of blocks on the extra sewing table that needs to be cleared off.

    The hat is beautiful. Lisa was such a wonderful reason to make hats and I am guessing as you knit there are mixed feelings. Finish the hat with love.

  2. He is a pretty pooch. Our Min Pin (Harley) is the first small dog we ever had. We also have a pit/boxer mix (Bosco) and the two are best friends. Harley thinks Bosco is only HIS. Life is a riot here. I can barely clip nails let alone groom, lol.
    Merry Christmas

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