Ready for Company

I am SOOOO lucky – Keith is always willing to help out and together, we cleaned the entire house and got ready for our company today (he was on PTO and still was willing to grocery shop and clean)

I put up the stockings and a few of my holiday decorations. Keith’s not happy that just Finn’s, Rae’s, and Mo’s stockings are hanging so he might end up hanging his (made by his grandmother) but he’ll have to get another stocking hanger – I doubt he’ll be able to find matching ones.

I also changed out my usual quilts for my red and green ones … I was able to fold my Carolina Lily just right on the quilt rack.

And Mom’s Jewel Box is in the library.

I couldn’t resist buying this shirt for Rae, she’s in kindergarten this year and is having a bit of a challenge adjusting. She knows what behavior is expected but sometimes she doesn’t quite live up to expectations. She’s very focused on telling us how she did in school and whether she had a good day or a not so good day when she talks to us on the phone.


  1. Your decorations are beautiful. Rae sounds like my younger granddaughter a few years ago. She wanted to talk and play and didn’t always get her work finished. Now her teacher compliments her on knowing what she has to do and getting it done. Unfortunately she still talks and distracts others. She is working on it!

  2. Hi Mary! Aww, that shirt for Rae is so very cute. How sweet that she is focused on her behavior. My bestie was a first grade teacher for over 30 years and she said that is the important part – she’s trying! Enjoy your company. Happy Happy Saturday to you!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Rae’s shirt’s so cute! Love, love, love it! And so glad such a good boy as your Keith gets a stocking too!

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