After I posted my photo of the stockings hanging, I started thinking about Keith wanting his stocking up and I remembered that I had a couple stocking hangers in the Xmas closet that I hadn’t opened (I was looking last year for Mom and bought them but then she found other ones she liked). I couldn’t remember what they looked like or if they would “go” with the raindeer hangers but I decided to dig them out … snowflakes!! And they look good with the other hangers. Keith’s stocking was made by his grandmother and mine was made by my sister Debbie.


  1. Love it. I made stockings last year for my daughters family blend addition and the first time I made them all backwards to the original so at the beginning of this year I fixed them and the stockings are over the fireplace in the home they moved into this year. Keith”s stocking is so cute and the fact that his grandmother made it allows it to hang it backwards to the rest.

  2. Your mantle decorations are lovely. I love your glow rocks. What are they? Your christmas quilts are wonderful. Hope you and family have a Christmas full of blessings.


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