I was up early this morning to bake cookies …. I fix 2-3 different kinds each year and Chris insisted he wanted ginger cookies so 3 kinds it is. I cleaned up most of my mess as I went along but Keith finished cleaning up for me. Overall I’m pretty happy with my kitchen but I wish I had a little more counter space.

Although I made the batter for all 3 kinds I just baked the sugar cookies. The others will get baked tomorrow. I had some help sprinkling the toppings.

Chris and Becky have the night off … they left around 3 pm and will stay overnight at a hotel down by the beach so we had lots of entertaining to do …. we read books

Fed baby birds … no trouble getting this one to eat!

Played picnic…

Watched a dance performance …

We were even encouraged to take a selfie with the star of the show!

Both girls were in bed by 7:30, Keith was napping in his chair a half hour later (I’d share of photo of that but he would NOT be happy) — I hope to be in bed and sleeping by 9:30 because everyone will be up earlier than I like!


  1. What cutie pies! That is a lot of cookies! Mary, did you get a different range? I remember when you purchased the GE, and I told you I wasn’t thrilled with mine….Just curious. Lucky you got the kids to bed early so you could relax. Yes, it gets hectic this time of year. Does the baby sleep all night? If so, that’s wonderful! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. What a great day! Aren’t the performances the greatest and a selfie with the star. This is very familiar to this grandma, but I treasure every one. I hope you are asleep by now.

  3. Such a beautiful family. Love the colors in your kitchen. I understand the lack of counter space. I always run out, too. But, we count our blessings. And it looks like you have some great ones.


  4. Oh Mary, your “baby bird” was just what I needed to see. How wonderful the grands are and how they can wear us out. Truth be told we’d never want it any other way. I’m still smiling and giggling.

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