Merry Christmas!

I hope your day was as wonderful as mine. We started out opening presents – having children around makes Christmas special! We bought a few little things to fill the girls stockings … and I made hats. Rae modeled all of hers with a smile.

All the hats fit the girls but Mo wasn’t really happy about them being put on her head!

The adults did a sock exchange, with small gifts that were supposed to fit in the sock … I couldn’t let Mo and Rae be only ones not getting socks so I bought them some too.

The socks were all supposed to be Christmas themed but somehow, Chris and Becky both managed to forget that … of course I didn’t mind when I saw that I got two pair … and since I couldn’t choose between them, I wore one of each. The socks are printed with actual photos of Chesty and Finn —aren’t they great?!

After presents, Keith fixed us french toast for brunch … it’s one of our family traditions and it’s always yummy!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying our time together and of course, we had a big holiday meal too.

It means so much to me that we have Christmas with Chris, Becky, and the girls!


  1. You had a wonderful Christmas with the children — there’s nothing better than that! Your hats look adorable on the girls and I love all the socks!! That’s a great family photo of Chris, Becky and the girls. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love the idea of a sock exchange for the adults. Dave and I both got SDSU Jackrabbit socks for Christmas.

  3. Hi Mary! What wonderful photos you shared with us. It looks like great fun, especially the sock exchange. And the hats!! I’m so glad you had a fun and Merry Christmas. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a wonderful day and I am glad. My day was so filled with fun, that I didn’t even take time to read social media until now. I glanced at family only, but the rest of the world had to wait. Please ask where they got the socks. I have daughters that lost pets recently and would love to have socks like these.

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