He broke it!

I had every intention of sewing today but it didn’t happen – maybe I’m just too easy on myself but I was tired so I went back to bed after the kids left this morning and then puttered around the rest of the day without accomplishing much except some knitting on the baby blanket I’m working on.

Keith broke my recliner in our bedroom the night we watched the girls so Chris and Becky could have a night away — Mo was up all night and at 4:30, Keith offered to sit up in the chair with her so I could get some sleep and somehow broke it! NOT good, Finn and I sit in this chair all the time – it’s my knitting chair, my binding chair, my I can’t sleep so I’m going to sit up half the night chair …. luckily Keith was as anxious to replace it as I was and we went off to the La-z-boy store. I somehow didn’t manage to take a photo of the replacement recliner but Keith had to show me the sectional sofa he liked. We have one in the family room that we bought when we moved here (3 and a half years ago) but he’s never been happy with it. I finally caved in and we ordered this one in brown (he spills things!) and in a reverse setting … ie, the chaise is on the left looking at the photo and the sofa section is on the right. I hope he’s happy with this one because I’m not buying another!!! The sectional sofa won’t come for about 8 weeks but luckily they’re going to deliver my recliner on January 3rd!


  1. So sorry about your recliner. My husband has one that I have been using since my knee replacement surgery on the 18th. I may need to get my own now, pretty comfy. The sectional sofa looks very nice. We have also talked about getting something similar but so far have not. Hope you catch up on your sleep soon!

  2. Sorry about your recliner. Was it still under warranty? Just about every piece of furniture in our home is Lazy Boy. Love the sectional! I miss ours we used have. Now we have a Lazy Boy sofa, but I still would like a sectional again. Lazy Boy does take a long time to make their furniture available to their customers I think. But, I guess it’s worth waiting for. Glad you can get your recliner right away though.

  3. Your new recliner will be comfy I’m sure. And I have almost that exact sectional even that color in our family room.

  4. Lazy Boy furniture is our favorite. They have a great selection of recliners, and their living room sets are oh so perfect. We will be replacing one bedroom set and a recliner soon. Their warranty on the products is good too. Lazy Boy here we come.

  5. HMMM! Broken can be GOOD. When I really want something and hubby nixes I always say…”cheaper than divorce”. I don’t mean it and he KNOWS it but somehow he also gets the message. 47 yrs. of marriage and over 40 yr. on quilting and I love your choice. Happy New Year!

  6. We bought a broken recliner for about $50 from a furniture store when the guy at the store told us he thought that something had just slipped out of place. He had their floor repairman fix it and we have used it well over the last 10 years. Now when I hear of broken recliners I think of the salesman – he was convinced that lots of recliners have displaced bars of some sort. He did well by us. Hope your new recliner is everything you could hope for and the sectional is everything Keith could hope for. BTW we were buying a recliner because my husband had rotator cuff surgery and we thought it was out the door as soon as he healed. Still in the sunroom.

  7. Love the sectional choice. We are starting to shop for furniture for our place. What style is this sectional?

  8. Sorry about your recliner, we have 2 LazyBoys too and they are comfortable. The only thing I don’t like is that they are ungodly noisy when the gears work. My dogs hate the sound. Love that sectional though.

  9. don’t you LUV the lazy boy store!
    our reciner chair is the best for all nighters
    when one of us needs to look after someone who is ill
    including the cat…then the chair person won’t disturb the household
    constantly getting up to tend whomever needs tending…
    peace …prosperity….good health to you and yours for the coming year

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