2018 results

I debated waiting a day or two but nothing is going to change before the end of the year so I’ll post my results for 2018. I had two main goals this year — Goal 1 – to quilt (or tie) one quilt for each week I wasn’t traveling and I met that goal. Goal 2 is an ongoing goal to finish at least 12 UFO’s each year and again I met that goal …. so even though though it seems like I didn’t accomplish much this year, overall I’m happy with my results.

My 2018 results

43 tops were quilted or tied 

19 new quilts were started in 2018

  • 9 are finished quilts
  • 8 are finished tops
  • 2 are still in pieces

18 of 36 UFOs were finished

29 UFOs will roll over into 2019

I’m also carrying these into 2019 (but I don’t count them as my UFOs)

  • 6 tops of Mom’s
  • 8 Happy Block tops for HeartStrings 

32 quilts were donated (12 were heartstrings quilts not pieced by me)

14 knitted projects were completed

20 knitted projects were not completed and will be carried into 2019 as UFOs

  • 11 were UFOs coming into 2018
  • 13 just need blocking or ends woven in (some of these were UFOs)
  • 2 are snoozing (may be frogged!!)


  1. Amazing! You’ve done a LOT of traveling, had a huge health issue with many days of not feeling up to par, and you still ran circles around everyone I know! God bless — Have a Happy, Healthy and Peace-filled New Year!

  2. I have never had a year nearly as productive as this and I think I am doing well. Goals must reflect the ability of the person who sets them and even with all the stumbling blocks in this year you have achieved yours and more!

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