Happy New Year

I’m sewing an hour here and there and the Flock of Geese top is coming together … maybe I’ll even get it finished tomorrow or the next day. I’ve been resting up after the visit from the kids, getting ready for Mom’s visit, spending time with Keith, watching both our teams lose yesterday ….

Today, I had a massage … and I’ve been doing a bit of walking. Somehow it’s hard to fit everything in!!

I posted my year end results the other day but I also like to monitor how the results compare from year to year. You can see I’ve already got my spreadsheets set up for 2019!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Tonight was the first chance I’ve had to sew something for fun, since the rush of Christmas gifts. I started your Rainbow Heartstrings quilt which you posted finished September 26, 2018. You always inspire me and I’m excited to be using only stash and many different colors. So, thank you!!!

    Happy and Healthy New Year to you and Keith!!


  2. Happy New Year. I wish you good health this year. Thank for your blog, I have learned so much from thru the years. Here’s to 2019 being the best year ever.


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