A walk to the bay

Keith and I rarely do anything on New Year’s Eve, we’re not big party people and he doesn’t stay up late anyway so we were home last night but I couldn’t resist walking by the bay at Midnight after he went up to bed. You can see fireworks all around.

How did you celebrate the arrival of 2019?!


  1. Happy New Year! You sound like us: I’m the night owl, my husband is the early bird. We both managed to stay up until midnight, watching a movie, but surrendered shortly afterward. Slept in this morning (thank you, dogs!), and we’re moving a bit slowly today…because we can!
    How lovely for you to have that view close to home. I like the sight and sounds of water, whether lake or ocean.

  2. We don’t usually do anything either mainly because our little dog is terrified of the fireworks, etc. I have to start 3 days ahead giving her a tranquilizer. It does help but she is still stuck to me like glue. We went to bed early but I was having a lot of pain from my knee replacement 2 weeks ago. That plus the fireworks kept me awake. Finally took a pain pill. So not a good start in to the New Year but I am doing well for just 2 weeks out. When I up my exercise is when I pay for it later. I need to take it slow. Hard to do!!! Happy New Year and have fun when your mother visits. I can’t wait to get back into my sewing room!!!

  3. Usually neither of us is still awake at midnight on NYE, but last night we both stayed up reading. And we were both kind of surprised when we realized it was midnight. We were having a winter storm and 30 below zero wind chills so we didn’t even consider going out this year. Nice and relaxing this year!

  4. We don’t often go out on NYE, sometimes to a pub or if we’re in Scotland a ceilidh, this year we just watched the “traditional” NYE music show on TV.

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