The goal is to quilt 7 tops while Mom is here … this is #3 of 7. I’m even counting it as part of our HeartStrings precut Party because I gave Mom the Jelly Roll, she pieced the top, and I quilted it! The pattern is Boxed Squares and I have brief instructions on my website.

Pantograph is Halcyon but you can’t see the quilting very well in this photo.

I offered her a sick day … she’s got a cold … but she has a better work ethic than I do, she insisted on working in the sewing room with me today. I think she’s enjoying my Big Board for pressing!

I also trimmed her fish quilt, she’ll take this one back home to bind but I got the binding on the boxed squares and she’ll work on sewing that one down here.

In addition to all the hearts she’ll have to appliqué, and the binding, we’re shopping my stash to kit up some projects for her to work on at home. Isn’t this going to be a cute Quick Strippie?!!


  1. Lovely photos. Thanks for pattern for Boxed Squares as I needed something easy yet pretty for a quilt while we camp. I will use this with some of my jelly rolls.

  2. I bet your mom’s philosophy is she can be sick at home but while she’s with you, she’d rather spend the time with you. Such a wonderful time for all of you!

  3. You two are great together! How productive! What beautiful quilts! Have fun! Brenda King, Bend, Or.

  4. Hi Mary! You two are having so much fun together. I am envious of your nice sized ironing board too, and that fabric pull for a quickie strippie is SO cute. Your Boxed Square quilt top is a pattern that I’ve had on my to-do for ages and it’s even near the top. Just seeing your reminds me again of why I want to make it. So much fun. ~smile~ Roseanne

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