He loved it

Chris sat all day ( and evening) with his quilt on his lap after Mom and I gave it to him.

It’s great to have the kids here … Bree was upset a few minutes before this photo was snapped and you can still see a tear but the three of them had a lot of fun playing together today.

The adults also had a good time this evening playing Scattagories. It was my first time and harder than I expected!


    • I love seeing families spending time together!
      A new game that my family discovered this year is “Think ‘N Sync”!
      It’s very easy to learn and takes little time to play a round.
      Enjoy your time with your darlins!

  1. Family fun – love it! The little bit of sniffly look works for Bree and when there are multiple children there will be tears. In my granddaughters’ cases there may be a blood curdling scream or wail to accompany. Grandma probably gave her a hug and told her it would be all right – unless she did something she shouldn’t have.

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