A busy day!

More family time! Chris and Rae will leave in the morning but we had lots of time together today. I blogged a few weeks ago about buying a new sectional for the family room. There was nothing wrong with the one that was in there except that Keith hated it (yes, he picked it out with me 3+ years ago). He said something to Adam and they decided that Adam could use the sectional so he rented a U-haul truck and Chris helped him load it today.

Of course that means beach chairs in the family room for a few weeks! (I think this was the only time today the kids weren’t running around crazy other than when they were painting their rocks – I warned Mom it would be a bit chaotic).

We did some crafts … and Mom painted some rocks with us.

Adam and Lindsey cooked dinner which I really appreciated and it was great … it’s nice to have a chef in the family.

I’m SOOOO glad that both the boys had time with Mom!


  1. Lots of love and smiling. It is wonderful that they are spending time with your mom. The concept of family escapes so many and especially in the family I grew up in, The pictures of your family make me very happy and I have a closeness with my children and my husbands family. Before Alzheimers I had a very close relationship with my sister, so that was good. Hopefully my daughters will hold on to the family better than I did.

  2. I’m glad too for your whole family that they have had time with your mom. As our families age it’s good to embrace an family time opportunity. AND, it’s so great that your mom joined in the painting fun. Bet the kids loved THAT.
    xx, Carol

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