More kit making

Chris and Rae left this morning and Adam took his kids to LegoLand today so Mom and I were back in the sewing room.

We’d seen this Gum Drop quilt online (scroll down the page) and Mom wanted to make it. I redrafted it to fit the size GO dies I have and made it a smaller size for her. We got it all cut and kitted for her to take home. Everything is labeled …

And packaged up with instructions for her to take home and make.

We also pulled fabric for a schoolhouse quilt for her. We’ll use a GO die for that one too.

And finally, I didn’t get a photo but there’s a super cute Turtle quilt in the Animal Parade book that we pulled a Jelly Roll and coordinating fabrics for and kitted that one up too! Tomorrow I need to get a quilt loaded on the longarm!


  1. Makes me smile when I see the carefully organized kits that you and your mom put together. She has fun projects to look forward to. It’s very nice that she has been able to spend time with you and family at your home in Florida.♥️

  2. It amazes me how you can put those kits together for your mother. She will have fun sewing them once she gets home. Very cute quilt too!

  3. That Gumdrops quilt is so cute but so much work and patience will be required. I’ve certainly learned that if anyone has that much joy in completing complicated quilts, it’s your mom. She always amazes me! I bet they all had a great time at LEGOLAND today.

  4. I just love how you work together with your Mom to create quilting projects that you both have contributed to… you are so lucky to have this loving creative connection!

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