Lots of walking and bead catching! As usual, we went back and forth all day enjoying Gasparilla and the parade of pirates! Mom decided not to walk down for the parade but she did sit on the porch with us for a while and people watched – it’s always fun? Interesing? My day was topped off with a fire and some socializing with the neighbors.


  1. That looks like so much! Glad your Mom is feeling better and was able to enjoy part of it. I love people watching!

  2. Visiting your blog from “My Sewing Room” blog. Scrolling through your posts and realized…we are neighbors! I am about a mile from Bayshore Blvd. I too had a mom who sewed and past her talents on to me. She also lived In Tampa so we had a once a month sewing day together, taking turn hosting. You look like you accomplished a TON during your moms visit. Hope you enjoy our 75 degrees weather this weekend.

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