Winding down

Mom has one more week here and we’re almost through our list of projects we wanted to work on/complete/kit for her to take home. Today, I pieced a back and loaded the last top to be quilted on the longarm and Mom prepped appliqué for the turtle quilt.

The quilt is from the Animal Parade 2 book and it’s going to be so cute!

We also played Yahtzee with Keith this afternoon. I’m happy to say I won 2 out of the 3 games!

6 thoughts on “Winding down

  1. It’s so great that you and your mom have quilting in common and can work together getting all these projects started and/or finished.


  2. WOW!! You and mom have really gotten a lot done!! So glad you can do stuff together. Remember the quilt show in Tampa if you have time. It starts the 31st.


  3. I can’t wait to see the turtle quilt finished. It is such a cute turtle. You Mom’s visit went fast but you both sure accomplished a lot. Enjoy your last week together!!


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