We finished up work on Mom’s projects today. The batik quilt is trimmed and packed up to be shipped – she’ll bind it at home. We also took one of the Jelly Rolls and did some cutting so it’s all ready for her to make a Framed 16 patch quilt.

Can you believe all we accomplished? And she’s got a lot to work on at home!

Jan 2019 projects with Mom

In progress or kitted
• Appliqué hearts and 9 patch quilt #1 — Appliqué hearts, assemble top
• Appliqué hearts and 9 patch quilt # — Appliqué hearts for Mary
• Turtle quilt – from Animal Parade book
• Dinosaur Strippie
• Owl Strippies
• Ladybug Strippie
• Bunnies and Bricks quilt
• Jelly Roll Rainbow Half Log Cabin
• Purple Heart – 2 yards of purple and gray background
• Petals and circles quilt
• Schoolhouse quilt
• Framed 16 patches — Jelly Roll (cut and kitted)and binding

Ready for Binding
1. Fish/sea creatures
2. Giraffes
3. Dogs 🐶
4. Stop and Go Batik


  • Chris’ map quilt
  • Boxed squares
  • framed 9 patches

After we finished her projects today, we cut the blocks for an Ohio Star quilt of mine. Stephanie has chosen Fat Quarters as the precut for February and I’ve got a jump start!


  1. No, I can’t believe all that you accomplished! it made me tired just reading about it all! You are both so talented and unbelievably accomplished quilters! I did enjoy reading each and every post about you and your Mom. She is such a sweetheart! and I’m glad she is feeling better now.

  2. Hi Mary and Mom! You two have done fabulous work together. Mom must be feeling much better now. I’ll bet she’ll be sorry to go home, although she has enough to keep her going strong for a day or two (!!). ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It’s has to be such a great feeling to spend such quality time with your mom. It’s a benefit of being past the child raising, working, etc. time of our lives. Give her hugs, tell her we look forward to her finished projects. And pet that Finn for me!

  4. This time together has been a fun quilters retreat and family time for the two of you! I hope your mom will be able to travel to stay with you again, even though there are challenges in travel. I’d love to be in Florida right now. We are staying in southeastern WI right now. We have a precious week old granddaughter now. After a snow storm passed through we may delay our return to Mn until Saturday when the polar vortex is supposed to release both states from its icy grip.

  5. Mary, I absolutely love the batik quilt. Great pattern for when you need a manly quilt – simple, quick yet striking. Thanks for sharing and bravo to you and your mom for all that you have accomplished.

  6. Luv that you display many of your quilts before they’re bound
    I do the same b/c feel it’s such an accomplishment to get that far on a project
    displaying to me is a way to push for the dreaded binding…lol
    altho we’re well into it….happy new year….another thing am late for….

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